RAOUL charity foundation
We bring together foundations, public and private partners in Russia, professionals and volunteers to support disadvantaged youth in finding and retaining jobs and making our world truly inclusive.

RAOUL foundation was founded to help teenagers raised in orphanages as well as young people with special needs to starting independent adult life.
We unite people, who believe in equal opportunities for work and personal development, and also people who are ready to create an inclusive social and business environment.

Rabota-i is RAOUL's first project that helps us to implement these ideas. It is based on the supported employment method by The European Union of Supported Employment (EUSE).

Rabota-i runs a supported employment center in Saint Petersburg that helps orphanage graduates and young people with special needs to find and retain jobs.

Based on successful experience of Rabota-i, RAOUL decided to adopt the supported employment method to other regions of Russia, so the eVP!-project* was launched.

Organizations, which support disadvantaged youths, are the partners of eVP! They use the method to provide comprehensive psychological, social, legal and job coaching support. Employers, volunteers and job coaches provide support as long as it takes to achieve a sustainable positive result.

We named our foundation after Raoul Wallenberg, the man who saved tens of thousands of people.

We truly believe in support for those who need it. Even when they are not part of friends and family, and when we don't know them personally.

We unite people that believe in equal opportunities for work and personal development and people who are ready to create an inclusive social and business environment.

*eVP! stands for eVerything's Possible! or Vse Poluchitsya! in Russian
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Employment Center: Labor and employment committee of Saint Petersburg
NGO: SOS Children's Village
NGO: Way home charitable foundation, SOS Children's Village
NGO: SOS Children's Village
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Our partners
Our partners know that supported employment method helps society to create an inclusive environment. It also provides companies with tools to develop Corporate Social Responsibility and to meet Sustainable Development Goals.
Strategic partner
Sberbank Charitable Foundation Investment to the Future
Sberbank charitable foundation "Investment to the Future" has been supporting RAOUL and Rabota-i since 2017.

First results of the partnership inspired RAOUL's new strategy to spread the supported employment method across the country and launc the eVP!-project.

Today "Investment to the future" foundation is not just a strategic and expert partner of the eVP! project, but also a key player in the team. It provides assistance in our work, core financing, promotion of the project's ideas and mission, guidelines for project development.

Melon Fashion group helps participants of the eVP! project, young people with special needs and graduates of orphanages, to get their first work experience and to find their mission in life, as well as it creates jobs for people who need more care and attention in the process of adaptation.

The company owns four brands: ZARINA, befree, LOVE REPUBLIC and SELA.

Systematic employment of a large number of candidates in Melon Fashion Group shops is possible, because a group of starting positions is specially allocated for people with disabilities and those who have an orphan experience. More than 150 people have already got their first job experience, thanks to the company's vacancies.
Is the co-founder of RAOUL and our key long term partner. Working together since 2011 it provides a great inspiration for our development. Kellermann group does't only financially support RAOUL, but also engages in strategic planning and analysis of results at each stage of our development; Kellermann group also contributes to expanding the range of competencies of RAOUL management team. What is more, company took an active part in establishing of the Rabota-i in Saint Petersburg and continues to contribute to its development.
The company has been comprehensively contributing to the development of the supported employment method in Russia since 2014. Strategic advice from the very idea to implement the project, active support in difficult situations and a sincere willingness to share its experience and knowledge – all these are different forms of East Capital's participation in establishing and development of eVP! project". All those initiatives are truly invaluable.
EMpower is an international philanthropic organization that helps charitable foundations working with young people under 24, who are going through a difficult life situation. The goal of the company is strategic social investments that will lead to qualitative changes in society. Empower supports the "It will work out!" project in the social adaptation of its participants in the labor market, professional orientation, temporary and supported employment.
The presidential grants Foundation is a single operator of presidential grants. Its work is aimed at the development of the non-profit sector and civil society in Russia. The Foundation supports the eVP! project by financing the community of helping specialists, including those who support graduates of orphanages and people with disabilities. The Foundation supports one more project that is operated within the framework of the eVP! project — "Becoming adults: supporting young people with low starting opportunities for adaptation to independent life". In this project specialists conduct support groups meetings and master classes to help young people learn independence, solve both everyday and legal issues.
Raoul foundation is the winner of grant competitions Common Cause and Invite-only Philanthropy School comptetition within Effective Philanthropy charity program by Vladimir Potanin Foundation.

Common Cause supports Raoul's institutional activity and development of eVP.online recruitment service, that allows disadvantaged young people all over Russia to look for suitable jobs and receive remote support via special online chat. Winning the Philanthropy School invite-only competition allowed Raoul to start strengthening and reorganizing the foundation to systematically and sustainably replicate the supported employment model and support NGOs from different regions within the eVP! project.

The Absolute help charity Foundation assists seriously ill children, orphans and graduates of boarding schools for children with special needs to adapt to the society, implements innovative educational projects, and also interacts with non-profit organizations, the business community and governmental structures. The Foundation supports the eVP.Online project: development of the supported employment method for young people with low starting opportunities. The project is aimed at supporting employment of those who live in and graduate from orphanages and special schools. It is implemented in association with NGOs (Children's villages-SOS & Way home foundation) and business companies in Saint Petersburg, Oryol and Vologda regions.
Is an international organization that provides social, medical, educational and other assistance and support to people and organizations around the world. The Foundation launched the contest called "Be Stronger with CSS". Thanks to this project, eVP! develops Community of helping professionals through financial support for seminars, webinars, supervisions and support for more than 300 specialists of helping professions.
We are proud to have Baker&McKenzie among our permanent partners. It is one of the most respectable legal brands in the world. We are eternally grateful to company's specialists for their qualified legal support in resolving issues that arise during the employment process of people with special needs or during the interaction of employees from socially disadvantaged groups with employers.
Exiclub is our main expert partner in internal management and staff training programs. Thanks to it's support, all employees of the eVP! project have free access to the educational resources of the partner company, so they can improve their skills and grow professionally. The experience and expertise of Exiclub leaders have repeatedly helped RAOUL charitable foundation in finding an effective way out of difficult situations and creating some working algorithms for more successful project implementation.
Partner foundations and NGOs
History of the project
In 2011 RAOUL foundation was founded to be one of the first in Russia to start implementing the supported employment method on long term basis. By that time the method has been already successfully used worldwide.

Rabota-i project was started in Saint Petersburg in 2013 to become RAOULs core supported employment program.
In 2015 RAOUL started to practice engagement of corporate volunteers from major Russian and International companies to support disadvantaged youth using the developed task bank tool.
Since 2017 with strategic support of Sberbank charitable foundation "Investment to the future" RAOUL started to develop the eVP!-project to spread the supported employment method in Russian regions.
Since 2020 eVP! project provides access to the method for all interested partners from every part of the country.
Rabota-i provides supported employment to young people with special needs and/or orphanage background in Saint-Petersburg. Over 530 young people have been able to find and retain jobs with Rabota-i support since start and over 170 are provided with on site job trainings and job opportunities on regular basis.

Rabota-i works with major employers, as well as small and middle size companies, and provides young people with access to over 50 open positions. Big companies can develop its CSR and meet Sustainable Development Goals.

Our team
Competence center
Olesya Kataeva
head of competence center
Galina Kirilenkova
senior tutor
Daria Antonova
head of methodology and training
Maria Guchina
specialist for methodology and training
Alina Meshkevich
senior specialist for cooperation with social partners
Irina Vilenkina
coordinator of the social program
Vasilina Koshalina
community manager
Irina Tatur
content manager
Anastasiya Perevozchikova
specialist for cooperation with social partners
Resource center
Evgenia Kantsipko
head of volunteer program
Alina Setova
development director
Evgenia Kudlay
regional coordinator
Viktoria Taynova
regional coordinator
Asel Shashihina
regional adviser for supported employment
Irina Maryenkova
start manager
Anna Evstingneeva
event research assistant
Larisa Popova
IT projects specialist\PR-specialist
Ksenia Zubakova
volunteer coordinator
Alena Aleksandrova
chief operating officer
Management team
Artyom Galechyan
Olesya Kataeva
Mikhail Krivonos
Alina Setova
Ilya Smetanin
Supervisory board
Yuriy Blagov
director of the corporate social responsibility center "PricewaterhouseCoopers", associate professor at the department of strategic and international management, Graduate School of Management, SPbU
Åsa Hansdotter
lawyer, co-founder and partner HWF Advokater Ab
Elena Kellermann
Darya Lozinskaya
transformation Co-worker Relations Manager IKEA Russia
Aleksandra Kapustina
Marina Smirnova
Anna Sukharina
Yaroslava Vasilyeva
Mikhail Krivonos
Organisational department
Tatyana Narizhnaya
Yaroslav Kozya
Svetlana Kazberova
Diana Gankova
Ekaterina Kokh
Anastasiia Chasovskikh
Finance and Accounting
Anna Samsonova
Irina Sapegina
Viktoriya Titova
Ilya Smetanin
Rabota-i project manager, co-founder
Artyom Galechyan
Rabota-i chief operating officer
Aleksandra Bruletova
senior job coach
Ilya Korniets
head of Training and Recruitment
Svyatoslav Tyurin
senior job coach
Larisa Bazhenova
Svetlana Chistyakova
Anastasia Bashmakova
communications specialist
Marina Opanovich
head of Transitional employment
Vera Babochkina
senior job coach
Tatiana Ivanova
head of Open Market and Special Projects
Zhargal Dulchinov
senior job coach
It's much better to have a job than not to have one – The story of Roman and his work experience in the Kellermann Center.
This is one of more than 650 stories of young people who got their very first job, supported by RAOUL.
Roman is not very talkative, so the process was not easy at all. He tried via RAOUL himself in different jobs: mover, house painter, delivery guy... And finally chose to be a cleaner. In addition to professional cleaning skills, RAOUL's job coaches helped Roman to focus on his independence at the workplace and making own decisions in different work situations.

For example, cleaning up a sewing workshop is not a piece of cake – there are a lot of tools, huge shelves with the clothes and fabrics, equipment and consumables. Roman learned when he does need to go to his manager to clarify cleaning expectations and when he should work independently knowing the sequence of his job tasks. There were cases when his boss asked to complete the work by a certain time. This means Roman had to make own judgement of the situation and plan correctly. By now, there are no claims either his manager at the cleaning company or the head of the sewing workshop. They all are happy with Roman's performance. And he is happy too .

Roman works five days a week from 15:00 to 20:00, commuting to Kellermann Center for more than an hour and a half – he lives in the suburban town called Kolpino (26 kilometers southeast of St. Petersburg). At first it was hard for Roman to commute but after a couple of weeks he got used to it. Roman has been successfully working for half a year now and he dreams of professional growth. It's much better to have a job than not to have one, – Roman says.

This is the first of more than 650 stories of young people who got their very first job, supported by RAOUL. For more details, contact us.

Roman turned to RAOUL last summer. He had just little experience working as a house painter and had no idea what he wanted to do next. RAOUL helps young people to choose a job he or she likes and can do.

"It's very important for us to understand how a young person sees himself, what kind of work he likes and dislikes when he tries it. Knowing that, we can help to get ready for a permanent job, "- says Roman's job coach Marina.
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