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About the Foundation

RAOUL Foundation was founded in honor of the 100th anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg at the initiative of members of the board of the Swedish society in St. Petersburg in August 2011,

Foundation work began with support for adaptation in the early independent living alumni Efimovskaya boarding school. Very quickly it became clear that it was after the release of the children’s homes and boarding schools, at the stage of entry into the adult independent life, graduates fall into a situation of very high risk and it is important to have time to support them in this important and difficult to help children begin to control your life.

Our vision: A future where both live successful independent adult life can be more graduates of orphanages

Mission: RAOUL Foundation helps orphanage graduates, including those with disabilities on their own to build a decent, independent life

Principles of RAOUL Foundation:

— Ask the graduate what he / she wants to achieve (focus on their goals)

— Their success — it is their successes, their failures — their failures

— Do not play in the Almighty in Raoul

In order to help graduates of children’s homes, we are actively working with partner NGOs working with alumni, government organizations providing assistance to graduates, as well as socially responsible companies who wish to participate in the support of children’s homes.

We co-operate in matters of assistance to graduates of orphanages with the Education Committee of the Leningrad region, with the Committee on Labor and Employment of St. Petersburg, with the Social Policy of St. Petersburg Committee.

Тел.: +7 (921) 978-27-63

E-mail: partner@raoul.org.ru