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Our history

Since 2008 the Swedish Association in St. Petersburg has conducted charity activities for the children of Efimovsky orphanage, which is located in a remote corner of the Leningrad region and is specializing in minor mental health disorders. A number of tours to St.Petersburg, visits to the museums and theatres, interactive workshops in the orphanage were organized for the children.

The Charity foundation RAOUL is a continuation of the charity support to children of Efimovsky orphanage after their graduation and moving to St. Petersburg for studying. Several board members of the Swedish Association in St.Petersburg have decided to help young graduates of Efimovsky orphanage in their adaptation to the independent life in the big city after leaving the orphanage.

The project RAOUL started in 2011 and is dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg in order to commemorate his deeds in Budapest during World War II. In the same way as Raoul Wallenberg did those days, we are focusing on the most vulnerable and abandoned people, helping them to find solutions in the most complicated
life situations.

From 2011 to 2014 the RAOUL Foundation’s program was based on an individual tutor support graduates of orphanages (long-term individual mentoring support, the development of the necessary skills of independent life and integration into society, pedagogical, psychological support and social adaptation), as well as support for career guidance and job placement graduates.

From 2011 to 2013, 40 graduates of correctional orphanages received individual tutor support. Results of this work was successful completion of the evening school (obtaining certificates for Grade 9) part of the children, career guidance and work experience first, setting and achieving personal goals the children associated with the future independent life.

In 2014, has developed the most important area of the RAOUL Foundation — Employment Center «Rabota-i».

In 2015 he began to work New Social Program and started working clubs of graduates of children’s homes (together with educational institutions).

In 2016 it was opened a new line of work: program of individual support adult graduates of orphanages and boarding schools, entering into an independent life and self-contained accommodation. The program includes active participation of corporate volunteers from socially responsible business companies.

Тел.: +7 (921) 978-27-63

E-mail: partner@raoul.org.ru