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How to help us

Every year in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region begin an independent life hundreds of graduates of children’s homes and boarding schools. All these young people are faced with a huge number of ordinary difficulties that accompany the beginning of independent life, as well as the specific problems of those who grew up without a family and support.

We are constantly looking for sources of funding to help more children, you or your organization can take part in the implementation of the program of the Foundation, for this you can contact Michael Krivonos by mobile: 8-952-286-21-10 or email: mikhail@raoul.org.ru or Program Manager Olesya Kataeva by mobile: 8-950-040-23-55 or email: O.Kataeva@raoul.org.ru.

Тел.: +7 (921) 978-27-63

E-mail: partner@raoul.org.ru