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Centre for work placement of orphanage graduates and young people with special needs

197183, St. Petersburg, Obvodny kanal St. 181

Website (in Russian): www.rabota-i.org

«Rabota-i» is an innovative model of social entrepreneurship, offering businesses operating in Russia professionally developed CSR programs aimed at work placement of orphanage graduates and young people with special needs.

«Rabota-i» works towards creating a large-scale professional consulting centre, providing quality professional services for mass selection, support and adaptation of staff for big Russian and foreign companies though job coaching.

Operations were launched within RAOUL charity foundation in 2013. The concept has been supported by competence and inspiration from Nordic organisations – Samhall (Sweden), Vates (Finland), Klap (Danmark). «Rabota-i» is also inspired by similar previous projects in Russia by such companies as Starbucks, Grand Hotel Europe, Ulmart, who have already started implementing CSR recruitment programs. Practices of employing young specialists without work experience aren’t as effective as they could be while developed inside one single company. By accumulating the progressive Russian and Nordic CSR practices, “Rabota-i” is offering quality, innovative methods for increased employability of disadvantaged youth by businesses.

Rabota-i”  operates primarily within:

Rabota-i operations are financed by Kellermann GroupMelon Fashion Group, East Capital, Jochnic foundation and IKEA.

For more information please contact:

  • Ilya Smetanin, Rabota-i director: ilya@rabota-i.org; +7-950-040-1954
  • Mikhail Krivonos, Rabota-i co-founder: mikhail@raoul.org.ru; +7 952 286 21 10

Тел.: +7 (921) 978-27-63

E-mail: partner@raoul.org.ru